Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Digital Aircraft Factory Creates Box Top Art For Miami Based Aircraft Model Company

Kit comes with Eastern Airlines deacals
1/144 scale resin kit of the DC-7B parts as included within the kit

Miami based model company commissioned the Digital Aircraft Factory to create the Box Top Art for their 1/144 scale resin DC-7B aircraft model kit

Miami, Florida 21st March 2009: With only less then four month of operation since started up late in 2008, the Digital Aircraft Factory is being called upon to assist with the marketing of certain products through its highly specialized digital art. The highly creative Miami, Florida based aircraft model company known as CONTRAILS ( is producing a high quality, fully detailed 1/144 scale resin model kit of an Eastern Airlines DC-7B.
The Digital Aircraft Factory rendering which was produced for the Historical Flight Foundation DC-7B project has been selected by CONTRAILS President Mr. Micheal Boleden as their product marketing images to be placed on the packaging boxes for their kits. the Digital Aircraft Factory has entered into their first licensing agreement with Mr. Boleden Company and continues expand with its highly specialized service.
The kits sell at a price of US$55.00 and orders could be obtained by going to the above website for CONTRAILS shown above.

The Digital Aircraft Factory Talents Reaches Down Into The South American Market

A Boeing B727-251F totally created by the Digital Aircraft Factory for a Brazilian Aviation Consulting Firm known as ProAero Group of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil 21st March 2009: Having met a Brazilian aviation delegation through its parent company, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consulting Group, the Digital Aircraft Factory was called up by PROAERO GROUP of Sao Paulo, Brazil to create a company aircraft for advertisement purpose.

The Boeing 727 shown above, created by the Digital Aircraft Factory, shall be placed within various Brazilian aviation and professional publications. Being made up of former B727 Flyer's, PROAERO GROUP has selected the venerable Boeing 727 as its mascot. PROAERO GROUP is a diverse and highly flexible aviation consulting group, which has an established presence within the Brazilian market. Currently, PROAERO GROUP is in talks with the Digital Aircraft Factory so as to create a demo aircraft for a client who is seeking to create an upstart Boeing 727 cargo operation to support the ever growing internal need and demand for cargo lift by the Brazilian Government and Postal System.

Without the need for ferry crews, certificate of export or the approval of a FAA Designated Airworthy Representative (D.A.R), the Digital Aircraft Factory "Exported" their first "Digitally" created Boeing aircraft to Latin America!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Digital Aircraft Factory Delivers The Blue Angels to a Former No.2 Position U.S.M.C Flyer

The Blue Angels flying the venerable McDonnell Douglas F-4J's in 1970
Col. Chuck Moore USMC (Ret.) admires the final product from the Digital Aircraft Factory, showing his 1970 era Blue Angel team departing Nellis Air Force Base.

Digital Aircraft Factory Chief Aviation Artist Catherine Smallwood with her commissioned creation for Col. Chuck Moore USMC (Ret.)

Opa Locka, Florida Friday 13th March 2009: A few good men! Semper Fidelis! the battle cry of the United Stated Marine Corp. Knowing no boundary concerning the creation of "any aircraft in any setting" the Digital Aircraft Factory under the creative leadership of its Chief Aviation Artist Catherine Smallwood made the grade with yet another satisfied customer. Former United Stated Marine Corp. fighter pilot Col. Chuck Moore USMC (Ret.) having heard and seen the work of the Digital Aircraft Factory within the Miami area, especially with the Historical Flight Foundation Eastern Airlines DC-7B Project, Col. Moore called upon Catherine and her group for a special mission.

The Colonel wanting his beloved Blue Angel team photo of one of his flights to be brought to life and thus providing Catherine and her team with a small 3 x 5 size 1970 era Kodak print, which with the passing of time had played havoc on the Digital Aircraft Factory went to work.

Creating not only the aircraft's, but the entire background and foreground landscape totally from pixels and polygons to mimic the only photograph provided for reference and after an exhaustive and intense level of technical and historical research on the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom aircraft, particularly the "J" model only then were the condition prefect to create the rendering shown above. This marks the Digital Aircraft Factory first Military aircraft production since its establishment back in December 2008.