Monday, December 22, 2008

The Digital Aircraft Factory Makes Their First Public Roll Out at Opa Locka Airport

Banner Showing All EAL DC-7B Open House Event Supporters
D.A.F Chief Aviation Artist Catherine Smallwood &
Benny Benitez Founder & CEO of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consulting Group

Opa Locka, Florida 21st December 2008: As the sun rose over Opa Locka Airport on Sunday 21st December 2008, the sound of a well worn aircraft tug diesel engine rang out as N836D was slowly being towed to her position for display in preparation for its first ever open house event, since restoration began more than three years ago. The Digital Aircraft Factory (D.A.F) also marked the day, with its first ever public appearance and display of its original digital aviation art work to the local and visiting aviation public in attendance. Team members shown above with help from support staff arrived early onto the field and as soon as N836D was chocked in place the (D.A.F) established their presence.
The crowd was and reminded strong through out the entire day of the event. From former Eastern Airlines mechanics, flight attendants, pilots and corporate headquarters folks all came from near and far, as well as aviation enthusiast of all kind to behold a tremendous effort and labor of love that got N836D into its pristine condition. The (D.A.F) original aviation art work was met with shear amazement and the order book started to fill to a point that both Boeing and Airbus would envy.

The Digital Aircraft Factory and the Historical Flight Foundation, Inc. of Miami, Florida

Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-7B N836D pictured at Opa Locka Airport

Miami, Florida 1st December 2008: The Digital Aircraft Factory (D.A.F) is proud to be associated with and a strong supporter of the Historical Flight Foundation, Inc. (H.F.F) of Miami.
With a change in the launch schedule of the (D.A.F) the DC-7B has become a project worth wild in supporting. The (D.A.F) working in close support and coordination with Mr. Roger Jarman of Atlantic Models will tend and oversee the merchandising and marketing of all related "printed" goods which will help the (H.F.F) raise funds for the upkeep and eventual operation of N836D. In-flight digital renderings of N836D in all attitude of flight will be created and published by the (D.A.F) and through Atlantic Model be made for public sale. A precentage of all proceeds generated by the (D.A.F) sale of the DC-7B original digital aviation art work shall be donated by the (D.A.F) to the museum.

The Launching of the Digital Aircraft Factory a subsidiary of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consulting Group of Miami, Florida

(D.A.F.) Digital Rendition of the 94th ACG Corporate MD-80 over Miami

Coconut Grove, Florida 10th November 2008:
As a subsidiary of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consulting Group (94th ACG) a Miami based, International, Multi-lingual, Minority / U.S. Veteran owned Consulting Firm, established back in 2003, the creation of the Digital Aircraft Factory (D.A.F) was a result of blending the artistic and creative talents of many of its member's who's passion for aviation needed a creative channel.
The (D.A.F) was conceived as a general idea in early October 2008. Under the leadership of its Chief Aviation Artist, Ms. Catherine "Cat" Smallwood, who is a qualified FAA CFI / CFII /MEI Gold Seal Flight Instructor and former ERJ-170 Regional Jet First Officer with Republic Airways, a command decision was undertaken to formally launch and introduce the concept toward the aviation community of Miami early 2009 with the commencement of the New Year.
But, the need for a new, fresh and yet unseen media of creating "Digitally Rendered" aircraft for advertising, promotional purposed, marketing and special projects was far too great and the (D.A.F) commenced to assemble its first digital rendition of aircraft's in mid-October for local clients.
Timing being the critical factor to all successful business undertaking proved true, as the (D.A.F) through their personal relationship with Atlantic Models of Miami, a world renowned manufacture and creative studio of fine desk top display models was formally introduced to the Historical Flight Foundation, Inc. of Miami who are restoring a vintage Eastern Airlines DC-7B as a flying museum and thus the (D.A.F) found the catalyst to throttle up for a successful launch!