Monday, December 22, 2008

The Digital Aircraft Factory and the Historical Flight Foundation, Inc. of Miami, Florida

Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-7B N836D pictured at Opa Locka Airport

Miami, Florida 1st December 2008: The Digital Aircraft Factory (D.A.F) is proud to be associated with and a strong supporter of the Historical Flight Foundation, Inc. (H.F.F) of Miami.
With a change in the launch schedule of the (D.A.F) the DC-7B has become a project worth wild in supporting. The (D.A.F) working in close support and coordination with Mr. Roger Jarman of Atlantic Models will tend and oversee the merchandising and marketing of all related "printed" goods which will help the (H.F.F) raise funds for the upkeep and eventual operation of N836D. In-flight digital renderings of N836D in all attitude of flight will be created and published by the (D.A.F) and through Atlantic Model be made for public sale. A precentage of all proceeds generated by the (D.A.F) sale of the DC-7B original digital aviation art work shall be donated by the (D.A.F) to the museum.

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