Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Digital Aircraft Factory Produce Their First Wide Body Aircraft an L-1011

Fully created from digital pixels and polygons
Same digital model thus shown in all four shots,
thus fully movable and could be manipulated on all of its axis
for wide variety of viewing and representation
Unlike a photo-shop picture this digital model
could be fully rendered in full motion
As a supporter of the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group, the Digital Aircraft Factory is in work to create an Eastern Airlines L-1011-100 so as to represent aircraft N310EA

Miami, Florida 16th April 2009: Into their fourth month of production, the Digital Aircraft Factory in Support of the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group, is in work on their first ever wide body, full digital rendering of a Lockheed L-1011-100 aircraft. Once completed, the above aircraft shall be detailed in Eastern Airline livery colors of the early 1970's, so as to represent fleet aircraft N310EA, which crashed on Friday December 29th 1972 into the Florida Everglades, thus making it the first ever "Jumbo Jet" crash in aviation history.
Under the technical and quality direction and supervision of the Digital Aircraft Factory Chief Aviation Artist, Ms. Catherine Smallwood, the creation of the L-1011, so far comprising of research and production has reached well over thirty-eight hours in a technically accurate and meticulous manner, as illustrated in the above renderings.
As shown, the aircraft is in its "zinc-green primer" color thus awaiting final application of top coat paint and markings. The attachments of all landing gears, movable flight controls, thrust reverser's and all applicable details shall be forth coming.

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