Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Digital Aircraft Factory Makes an Approach to The Greater Miami Aviation Association (GMAA) and AmeriJet Air Cargo

The ability of the Digital Aircraft Factory and technical talent is never ending, as seen with the above Amerijet B727 freighter, as one could see 'inside" the cargo hold area
Shown flying at altitude is an Amerijet B727. Again being a full digital model and NOT a photoshop photographed the model could be applied in any setting, any angle and attitude. This is the same Amerijet B727 shown above on the ramp

Miami, Florida 29th May 2009: Much like its parent company, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group, the Digital Aircraft Factory (DAF), under the leadership of its Chief Aviation Artist, Ms. Catherine Smallwood is very pro "Miami Aviation" in as the Digital Aircraft Factory has created and is therefore donating to the Greater Miami Aviation Association (GMAA) one of their creation from their studios.
The (DAF) is giving onto the Miami based, civic aviation organization, which was founded in 1927, their first ever "personal aircraft" for their promotional needs. In speaking to the association President, Mr. Dan Sullivan, he was both delighted and very appreciative for the DAF support and effort.
At the same time, the (DAF) is also presenting to AmeriJet Air Cargo their ability, not by mere words, but by rendering onto them one of their Boeing 727 freighters, as the (DAF) wishes to provide AmeriJet with their expertise now that a fleet change is looming to a much larger Boeing product. Shown above is the technical versatility of the (DAF) in as the two digital rendering of the AmeriJet Boeing 727 is the same aircraft, the same "digital model" thus manipulated at will for any setting, angle and / or presentation. Again these creation NOT being mere photoshop pictures or photographs, the possibilities are endless, as the case with the top rendering were one could see inside the cargo area an view a pallet.
The (DAF) next project is to create a world class virtual "Aviation Museum" were it all comes to life!

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